Graphic Research Inc., located in Chatsworth, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, is a leading fabricator of printed wiring boards and flex circuitry serving the interconnect electronics market.

Established in 1966, Graphic Research, Inc. has been engaged in the design, development and fabrication of printed wiring boards for the defense, space and commercial industries providing solutions to complex interconnection problems by working closely with customers from the initial conceptual design to functional prototype and on to full production volume.

Our focus is to provide our customers with reliable, quality products that meet or exceed customer requirements with on time delivery. In order to meet these demands Graphic Research, Inc. management has fitted the facility with "State-of-the-Art" equipment and a staff of engineers and operators with the expertise and capability to produce the intricate, complex printed wiring boards and flex circuitry for our valued customers.

Company Overview

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In 1966 Graphic Research, Inc. was established and started in the design, development, and fabrication of printed wiring boards (P.W.B.) for the defense, space, and commercial industries.

In 1976 Graphic Research, Inc. became the leader in flex and rigid flex technology, and we are still leading in this today. Graphic Research Inc. is also considered a leader in metal core printed wiring boards.

GR, Inc. has had a big role in changing and making history. We worked on boards for all of the Mars Rovers as well as a space shuttle and some satellites and work to make quality parts that will improve our future.

Company History

The Future

Graphic Research, Inc. is dedicated to sustain its position as a leader in the rapidly changing electronic interconnect market. To maintain the technological edge for the future, we will continue to upgrade equipment and provide improvements in process and human resources. We will continue our research and development efforts to develop new manufacturing techniques and processes for use in fast-emerging interconnect applications. We will have regular technical exchanges with customers and key suppliers of materials and equipment to review and resolve difficult problems with innovative solutions. We will work closely with our customers at the early design stage to aid them in developing a product, that is reliable and producible. We are prepared to assist our customers in maintaining a competitive position.