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Mars Pathfinder


Graphic Research Inc. has helped NASA on many occasions by building boards that would be used on missions that change history. We made six of the P.W.B.'s used in the Mars Pathfinder. It landed on Mars on Independence Day of 1997 where it completed its mission within months.

Image Credit: NASA

Mars Curiosity


Graphic Research Inc. also made and supplied boards to NASA to use in the Mars Rover Curiosity. The Curiosity has made huge contributions to our understanding of Mars where it touched down on August 5'th, 2012.


Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Mars Opportunity


Supplying P.W.B.'s to be used in the Mars Opportunity was another great achievement by Graphic Research Inc. It successfully landed on Mars on January 25'th, 2004. We stand by this as a true example of the quality of our P.W.B.'s because it was only planned by NASA to work for 90 days, but it has lasted on mars for over 8 years. Our boards have withstood the harsh conditions of space and that speaks for itself.


Image Credit: NASA

Mars Spirit


Graphic Research Inc. helped NASA make history again by manufacturing key components that would be used on the new rover. It successfully landed on Mars in January of 2004 and stopped communicating on March 22, 2010 after completing its mission.


Image Credit: NASA

2010 World Class Supplier Award Nomination


In 2010 Graphic Research Inc. received a nomination to the prestigious World Class Supplier Awards from Northrop Grumman for being a dedicated supplier of high quality P.W.B.'s and for supplying them quickly so that the customer had the boards when they needed them, and not later. ​​

Viking 1


In 1973 Graphic Research Inc. manufactured the Flight Printed Circuit Boards that were used on the Viking 1 that launched in 1975. Jet Propulsion Laboratory recognizes us now for our quick response to any problems and exceptional talent. ​​


Image Credit: NASA

Shuttle Endeavour


Space shuttle Endeavour made its first journey on May 7, 1992 and has since then achieved many great things in making American history. It has been used to capture and repair broken satellites as well as many other great things and it surpassed all expectations. Graphic Research Inc. provided several P.W.B.'s that were used in the space shuttle Endeavour.

Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls



The F15 is a fighter jet that GR, Inc. is proud to have provided boards that were used in it. It is so well made that it has never lost in a dogfight and remains one of the top air fighters we have here in the US.

​Image Credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Samuel Rogers



With an outstanding structural lifetime of 8000 hours, the F-16 utilized several new technologies and some very stable components were included from GR, Inc. that helped insure its reliability and long life on the field.

Image Credit:  Master Sgt. Andy Dunaway



The F/A-18 was designed for attacking ground units as well as dogfights. It was very well made and could operate in almost any weather conditions. It was able to carry an impressive variety of different types of weapons.




F-22 planes were excellent fighters that would attack ground units as well as perform intelligence missions. It was highly advanced and could server our country so successfully thanks to quality parts like the ones provided by GR, Inc.

Image Credit:  Rob Shenk

Global Hawk


Graphic research built boards for one of the best unmanned surveillance aircraft to date. It can operate in harsh weather conditions and can survey its targets through almost any conditions.

​Image Credit: Bobbi Zapka

E-2C Hawkeye


The E-2C Hawkeye carries out surveillance missions and is one of the best at warning against other aircrafts. Itís advanced boards and other electronics set it apart from many others because of itís capabilities.

Image Credit:  Lt. j.g. Andrew Leatherwood

AIM-120 AMRAMM missile


The AIM-120 AMRAMM missile is a highly advanced machine that can be guided to seek itís target after it has been fired and is out of sight.

​Image Credit: Staff Sergeant Vince Parker (USAF)

AGM-114 Hellfire missile


This fire-and-forget missile is so advanced thanks to state-of-the-art boards provided from GR, Inc. that it does not even need to be guided once it has been fired. It can track itself to its target.

AIM-9 Sidewinder missile


The F15 is a fighter jet that GR, Inc. is proud to have provided boards that were used in it. It is so well made that it has never lost in a dogfight and remains one of the top air fighters we have here in the US.

​Image Credit: Sr. Airman Theodore J. Koniares

DirectTV Satelites


Graphic Research, Inc. worked on boards that are inside the satellites for DirectTV that are currently orbiting in space.

Weather Satelites


The weather satellites that we use to understand and prepare for upcoming weather changes have boards made by GR, Inc.

Navigation on Commercial Airlines


The highly advanced navigation systems that most major commercial airlines use to guide themselves safely to their destinations has P.W.B.ís that were made by GR, Inc.

Navigation on Maritime Ships


High demanding applications require top quality parts in order to work perfectly, and the navigation systems on all Maritime ships needs the state-of-the-art boards from GR, Inc. to be sure everything will work great everytime they need it to work.