Graphic Research Inc. Manufactures complex multilayer boards (up to 30 layers) using a wide range of high performance materials including epoxy (GF,GH,GE), polyimide (GI), triazine, cyanate ester, Kevlar®, thermount, PTFE resin matrix, ceramic composites, and composites with AI, Cu, C-I-C. and Mo cores. We also specialize in specialize in the fabrication of multilayer flex and rigid flex circuits. Graphic Research Inc. has the manufacturing capability for:

~Embedded resistor and capacitance technology (Ohmega Material)

~Planar resistor technology

~Impedance controlled to ±5% (common and differential)

~Flex cables with resistance controlled conductors (Constantan)

~Up to 32 layers

~maximum panel size of 22” x 27”

Manufacturing Capability

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~Single/double-sided rigid P.W.B.'s

~Multilayer rigid P.W.B.'s

~Flex and rigid-flex P.W.B.'s

~Back panels/back panel assemblies

~Metal core P.W.B.'s

~PCMCIA thin core substrates

~MCM-L and COB substrates

~Multilayer Teflon® (GR, GY and other reinforcing materials)

Company Specialties


Graphic Research, Inc. produces interconnect products with full compliance to commercial, and military standards. The range of products is up to 32 layers with fine line densities, blind and buried vias, metal, cores, and external heat sinks.

Graphic Research's multilayer printed wiring boards are used extensively by customers in computer applications, telecommunications, the medical field, instrumentation, and military programs.

We also manufacture fine line multilayer designs to accommodate multi-chip-module (MCM), chip-on-board (COB) and thin core PCMCIA substrates on materials such as epoxy glass, polyimide, Kevlar®, flexible composites and other high Tg materials.


Flex and Rigid Flex

Graphic Research has been and continues to be, the leader in flex and rigid flex technology since 1976. This technology, originally pioneered in Aerospace, is now being applied to Commercial applications. Flex circuit technology allows the user to increase package density and eliminates the use and assembly of wiring harnesses. Multilayer flex and rigid flex circuits, adhesive and adhesive-less, may contain many layers of Kapton®, acrylic and modified epoxy bonded together in one or more sequential lamination cycles. Reliable plated thru holes make the interconnection from layer to layer providing a highly dependable end-product.


Metal Core

Graphic Research has been expanding its technology base in metal core printed wiring boards since 1975 and is regarded as an industry leader in this special application where heat dissipation requirements necessitate a deviation from standard construction.

We are currently producing, in volume, products which contain active and inactive cores of aluminum, copper, and copper/invar/copper with a host of variations to the number of layers and thickness of metal cores.


Teflon® Multilayers

Graphic Research is currently manufacturing multilayer Teflon® type boards reinforced with ceramic, woven /non woven glass for microwave and high frequency applications. We are also fabricating multilayer boards into a woven glass/ ceramic filled thermoset material that will provide high frequency performance comparable to PTFE substrates.

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