Graphic Research, Inc. is Registered with Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and compliant with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). GR, Inc. is approved to the highest levels of the following MIL Specs, IPC, and Customer specifications however, the technical nature of many of our products and their end use applications require even stricter tolerances.


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Single, Double & multilayer flex and rigid flex

This specification establishes the requirements for flexible printed-wiring (with or without shield (s) or stiffeners) and rigid and flexible printed-wiring combinations. The rigid and flexible printed-wiring combination is called a rigid-flex printed wiring board. In the rigid-flex application, the conductor layers that are in the flexible portion are also a layer in the rigid multilayer board. The flexible and rigid-flex printed-wiring covered by this specification are organized in the following types and classes.

Type 1 - Singled-sided flexible material with or without shield (s) or stiffener (one conductor layer).

Type 2 - Double-sided flexible material with or without shield (s) or stiffener (two conductor layers) with plated-through holes.

Type 3 - Multilayer flexible material with or without shield (s) or stiffener (more than two conductor layers) with plated-through holes.

Type 4 - Multilayer rigid and flexible material combinations (more than two conductor layers), with plated-through holes.

Type 5 - Bonded rigid and/or flexible material combinations (more than one conductive layer) without plated-through holes. Classes.

Class A -Capable of withstanding flexing during installation.

Class B -Capable of withstanding continuous flexing for a number of
cycles specified on the master drawing. (Generally not used for more than two conductor layers).



​1,2,3 Single, Double and multilayer (epoxy & Polyimide)

This specification establishes the qualification and performance requirements for rigid single -sided printed wiring boards, rigid double-sided printed wiring boards, and rigid multilayer printed wiring boards with plated through holes

Printed wiring boards shall be of the types shown:

Type 1 - Single-sided board.
Type 2 - Double-sided board.
Type 3 - Multilayer board.



Inspection system

Graphic Research, Inc. has Documentation which is in compliance With the Mil spec, The Document is Available for view at Anytime to Our Customer.

ISO 9001:2008


Quality Management System

This sets the standard for all quality management systems used in any company. It assures that the company is meeting all requirements in gathering resources, manufacturing the product efficiently, and it is used to make sure customers always get great quality products and great service.​​

AS9100:2009 C


Quality Management System

​This specification is for companies that want great quality control that will meet or exceed customer expectations as well as regulatory requirements. It is also for companies who will use the system to insure the customers are satisfied with the product and how the system will be continually improved. It also incorporates any changes that have been made in ISO 9001:2008.