Here at Graphic Research, Inc. the customer is always right and we have a dedicated mindset and a hardworking team of experienced professionals in their fields that do everything they can to give customers only the best products. Everyone here works hard on every board we manufacture in order to ensure it matches top quality standards to ensure a long lasting and efficient product for our customers. Insuring that our customers have a high quality experience is a top priority with us.

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Using the state of the art technologies we have in our facility, we take the circuit board designs that the customer provides and go through a process that turns those designs into a working board.



In engineering we have top minds working everyday to take customer designs and prepare them for the manufacturing process. From getting the customer data the engineers organize the information, make necessary modifications to the board designs using State-of-the-Art CAD/CAM software, put everything through thorough inspection to assure everything is of the highest quality and ready to go through the next phase in the process. They plot the P.W.B. designs through our Barco Silver Writer 860 plotter. Our engineers work with every department to be sure that every job is done with accuracy and compliance to the customer performance criteria.

Photo Printing


Photo Printing takes the designs given from engineering and develops the film onto the boards that have been received from lamination so that they can be plated and etched.


In drilling they take the drilling information from engineering and they use top quality machines to ensure that the tooling, plated and non plated thru holes are all drilled exactly to the customers specifications. They oversee the drilling process from beginning to end as well as check and compare by hand the holes accuracy with the plans in every panel that goes through the drilling process.


In lamination the materials are gathered that the master planner in engineering has listed on the traveler for the customer job and then the gathered materials are put in order and undergo the lamination process with one of our high quality presses to make them into a P.W.B.  Again every panel that is being made and that has been made is checked by the lamination employees in order to ensure top quality for the customers needs.



Making sure all of the holes is completely clear and clean is a high priority for us so that we may exceed any and all customer expectations of their product. Once a board is cleaned with the vapor blast it then undergoes even further cleaning with plasma, and then it goes through rigorous inspections and quality assurance testing so that the customer receives only top quality P.W.B's. 




We have two completely different types of etching here at GR, Inc. We use  cupric chloride etching for the copper inner layers and ammonia etching for the outer layers.


After holes have been prepared for plating they go through an electro-less copper plate and then through the acid copper plate. After copper plate the boards are sent to the next required operation. Solder plating, nickel gold types of plating, as well as ENIG.


We use only the best equipment to check every board that comes through our factory and here in AOI they use extra care and attention to detail to examine every board for any bridges or breaks and they compare them to the original information given from engineering.


In lab they keep all of the chemicals used in plating in balance so that all of the boards going through the plating process come out as they should. And after the plating process they check the quality of the plating on the boards.


Here at Graphic Research Inc. we understand that quality is important to our customers and our inspection department checks everything and compares to the specs the customer wants used for the job to deliver the most accurate and high performing boards possible while keeping customer designs in mind at all times.


In fabrication all of the cuts and routs are done using our top quality machines. The dedicated workers in fabrication see to it that there is no room for error in any board that comes their way.


 Our silk-screening department takes the boards and adds several fine details to them such as layouts, labels, coupon information, and other identification information the customer wants.

Waste Treatment

Graphic Research Inc. is among the best in the entire state of California in the area of waste management because the environment is so important to us that we spare no expense in having top quality waste treatment systems. All of our waste treatment systems are computerized.


Our team in assembly puts everything together after the board has been manufactured. Careful hands make sure every part that gets added to the boards is put on with the highest precision and accuracy. Every board is thoroughly tested so that only high quality and efficiently working boards make it to the customer.

Chemical Storage

All the chemicals used here at Graphic Research Inc. are stored safely and handled carefully by experienced professionals. We follow very strict safety standards with all personnel that will be around and working with chemicals.