Graphic Research provides to our customers have evolved from a 1-hour presentation to a fully comprehensive 3-hour course. This training now includes new materials, technology advancement and cost effectiveness.


Rigid-Flex Technical Training has been developed and is intended to provided project managers and mechanical/design engineers with the basic guidelines and benefits of rigid-flex technology. The training seminar consists of 144 slides, lasts approximately three hours and can be given at your facility or ours (free of charge).

Technical Training

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Summary of subjects covered

~Basic requirements of Mil-P-50884 (Flexible and Rigid-Flex P.W.B.’s)

~Mil-STD-2118 (Design Guidelines for Flex & Rigid-Flex P.W.B.’s)

~Material Selections (Military and IPC Specification Requirements) (IPC-RF-241)

~Drawings (The “Doas and Donats” for Drawing Notes & Reference/Dimensions)

~Coat Considerations (Considerations for Cost Savings)

~Process Capabilities/Parameters (Meeting Mil-Specs may not be good enough)

~Concurrent Engineering Support

~Produce ability Parameters

~Real Advantages in using Flexible Circuits

~Building our own intranet

Having our own Web Master employed at Graphic Research has allowed us to create internal, Internet for employee use that covers everything from paperless forms, reference materials, process procedures, to customer and military/IPC specifications. on.